Thursday, December 10, 2015

Unity with Russia

In the past few months, the U.S. and other countries such
as Britain, France and Russia have all suffered attacks 
from terrorists and other extremists. A complete list of all 
of the attacks are here. World super powers such as the U.S. 
France, and Russia have been discussing a treaty against the 
war on terror. There have also been parallels drawn between
this proposed treaty and the one that the U.S. Great Britain
and Russia all formed to defeat Hitler, the Tehran Conference

Just like the time period when these great leaders met, tensions are high. Each nation has competing views, and wants to ensure that theirs will prevail. This understandably causes conflict. But I would also like to bring to light another conflict. Russia does undoubtedly have other reasons for wanting to co-operate with the west, such as lifting the sanctions we placed on them for invading Ukraine. Russia also openly persecutes homosexuality. By joining hands with Russia, are we acknowledging these injustices? Shouldn't we stand strong against such discrimination?

 I think that the present threat of terrorism is not as great as the threat the Nazis posed to our country in WWII. Thus we should not have to sacrifice our ideals by joining forces with Russia, we should hold Russia at arms length and not forgive there wrongs. However, as the threat continues to grow, a treaty in the future is not inconceivable. If one did become necessary, I believe it should be a broad one that will not involve too many policy changes in how we regard Russia. 

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  1. I think it is more important to fight terrorism than it is to acknowledge injustices in the short-term. While terrorism takes lives immediately and in the future, the injustices of the Russians can be dealt with after our security is secure.